An extra option for name changing after your wedding

An extra option for name changing after your wedding

In Australia there’s always been the three stock standard options when it comes to changing your name after you’re married. Both parties could keep their birth surnames; one party could take the other’s surname, so that’s bride taking the groom’s last name, or the groom taking the bride’s last name; or you could both get some hyphen action going on.

But there’s a fourth option that no-one really talks about. Anonymous in the New York Times was talking about how they took this option after their recent marriage ceremony, and the family was riotous.

My friend Millyjane shot, and other friend, Penny, married, a couple that also took this route last year, paying homage to David Lee Roth’s vessel of rock, Van Halen.

Get a new last name

What is this crazy idea that I’m proposing? Both you and your partner could change your last name to something totally new!

So instead of one of you taking the other’s last name, you can both make the modern, equality themed, passionate route of creating a new last name, a new tribe, start a new family name fresh from your own roots.

Secretly, I’ve thought about this with Britt and I. We could both keep our last names as middle names and start a new family name together. Of course I haven’t had the guts to go through with it. Do you?

The feature image for this blog post is by Tom Hall from Anthony and Elena’s wedding at Glengariff. And from what I understand, they didn’t both change their last name either :).