Mike and Sandi's Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens Wedding

Mike and Sandi's Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens Wedding

Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens provided a beautifully green backdrop for Mike and Sandi’s little marriage starting party, more commonly known as a wedding.

James Dean was behind the lens, the weather for an outside garden wedding was freakingly amazing, the day could have only been better if a new Avengers movie was coming out … or a new Cosmo Bride or something like that.

Mike and Sandi just got back from their honeymoon and I asked them to share a few words about their day.

[quote]We both would love to thank you for creating such a memorable, light, relaxed, cheerful and heartfelt ceremony for us to cherish forever. You truly are amazing at what you do and I am so glad our first impressions of you followed through. Anyone would be fortunate to have you as a celebrant for their special day.[/quote]


[quote]From the moment I first saw you, my heart fluttered. The greatest thing is, my heart hasn’t stopped fluttering since. (Right now it’s going crazy)
Over the last 3 and a half years you have made me the happiest I can ever remember being and you don’t even have to try. How quickly time passes when you truly are having a wonderful time and today just popped up out of nowhere!
There aren’t enough hours in the day to list my promises to you but here goes;
I promise to love you wholeheartedly and passionately, be faithful to you and only you. When you are unwell or injured, I promise to take care of you till you are better again. If you are sad or grumpy, I vow to annoy you till you smile. I promise to be the best wife I can be by being your lady, your carer, your friend, and your bro, all at different times of course.
I will not let a day go by without reminding you I love you.
So, in front of everyone here today, I, Sandra Taylor, give you this ring to lock in my promises and to signify my love for you and only you.[/quote]


[quote]When we first locked eyes with each other, I knew love at first sight was not just a fairy-tale story but a real gift of beautiful rarity.
It only took a few short days for me to fall completely and totally in love with your fun loving and caring personality, and I knew I would do anything for you when I agreed to ride the Wipeout ride at Dreamworld to the point I felt physically ill just because I wanted to see you smile.
Before I met you I had no desire to get married or start a family, now I can’t see my life heading in any other direction. Because of you I see life as a journey rather than a challenge as I did before, and you showed me that we could overcome any challenge thrown our way, just like when you never left my side during the lowest time of my life.
When I woke up in that hospital bed and saw your face I knew then and there I was destined to be with you forever. I look forward to the rest of our lives as we grow old and grumpy and raise an awesome bunch of mini me’s and travel the world together.
I promise to always try and improve myself and to give you everything you ever deserve in life, to always stay faithful and to always pick what movie to watch at home, or what restaurant to eat at because you can’t ever decide yourself. I will be by your side when you need me the most as you have done for me, I can never repay you for what you have done for me but I will try till my very last breath.
So, in front of everyone here today, I, Michael Porter, give you this ring to lock in my promises and to signify my love for you and only you.[/quote]