A meaningful wedding business

A meaningful wedding business

I’ve just read a great blog post by John Saddington on his journey creating Desk, a Mac app for bloggers, and the app I now use to write these blog posts. 

John’s thing was that he created something that he wanted, an awesome writing app, and then he wanted other people to want it, and to value it. So finally he gets to the point where he has to price it and he encounters the same dilemma that so many wedding professionals have when it comes to pricing: am I to cheap, too expensive, does my pricing make me seem pretentious, does it make me look good/stupid, undervalued/overvalued. It’s so scary as a wedding professional to price yourself and then answer that next enquiry email with your new prices and wait for the reply.

You do the same silly thing everyone does, finding out what everyone else charges, I did this a while ago. Then you realise that the prices that “everyone else” charges doesn’t really leave you room in the budget to live and breath. And everyone is runnign their own unique business and their pricing might work for them, and not for you.

So John’s piece used a really interesting term, an encouraging term, and it struck a chord with me. He said:

[quote]I want to make a meaningful living, not just financially but also (and more importantly) in the ways that I want to live a meaningful life, one full of passion, very little regret, and full of purpose and resolve.[/quote]

As I read that something inside of me just erupted in excitement. That’s what I want. I want to do something meaningful with my life, I want to do awesome things with Britt and start an awesome meaningful family. I want to stand in front of hoardes of people every week and talk about how awesome marriage is and I want to do something meaningful for my couples, so that their weddings become something meaningful and they can lead meaningful lives in meaningful marriages.

I can lead a meaningful business with my very meaningful wife and we can live a meaningful life.

Brides and grooms might read this and wonder what it means: it means that every business you encounter on your wedding planning journey has a unique thing they’re doing, and price-matching isn’t really a thing. We’re all trying to do something different with our business – and our pricing.

Thanks John for the post – and thanks to Tricia King for the feature image for this post!