What makes Beautiful Weddings different?

What makes Beautiful Weddings different?

This is another post in the ongoing series of “What makes you different?” where I interview wedding industry legends about what makes them different.

Who is Beautiful Weddings?

Beautiful Weddings is Nicole and Justine and a team of really cool people that bring brides and grooms dreams into reality. Their team in the Whitsundays, the Gold Coast and Brisbane professionally take people’s breath away.

How did Beautiful Weddings begin?

Nicole was married in Vanuatu and on her return to Australia to style her own reception she couldn’t find anything similar to what she experienced in Vanuatu. So she accepted the challenge as her sister Justine joined the business. Their creative and business minds meld together to form something really beautiful.

A wedding you will always remember?

Justine and Nicole answer “for what reason” as we all burst into laughter.

The most memorable wedding would have to be between a deaf bride and a groom that was in remission for cancer, the wedding was on Rainbow Bay. Nicole says the best part of this business is when you get the opportunity to see a snapshot of someone’s life, to hear their story. This Rainbow Bay ceremony broke their hearts.

Top 12 things that make you different?

  1. Our service, we go beyond people’s expectations of their ceremonies
  2. Our creativity. Nicole’s passion to be creative and make sure that we are five steps ahead of every other stylist in creativity.
  3. We’re very competitive. We want to do the best job we can do, every time.
  4. We’re sisters, so we’re on the same wavelength, we understand each other.
  5. We’re fun. We enjoy it, we work hard, but we enjoy it.
  6. Our ceremony co-ordination is a key strength of ours. Our stylists understand that the ceremony is only going to happen once and we want it to be perfect.
  7. We’re great meteorologists, we spend all day every day on the BoM radar and the tidal charts!
  8. Our staff. Client service is the first and most important thing we train our staff and franchiseess with.
  9. We don’t give style options to brides and grooms, we create styles for them.
  10. We love what we do. We are actually really passionate and excited about the opportunity we have to style someone’s wedding. The day we lose that passion is the day we’ll walk away.
  11. What we do has to be perfect.
  12. We have the ability to problem solve. When we’re on location and we need to make decisions, create solutions and solve problems we excel.

Justine styled a wedding I was the celebrant for on Salt Beach at Kingscliffe.


Find out more about the girls and their styles at beautifulweddings.com.au