Marriage Amnesty day 2016 in photos

Marriage Amnesty day 2016 in photos

September 24 2016 saw Newtown brewery, Young Henry’s, filled with couples being married. For the full explanation, visit the original blog post. I could prattle on about the day for ever, but the photos tell the story better.

Morgan Roberts and Elle Dawson-Scott volunteered their artful service to document the day at no cost, it was a crazy and amazing day to document and all of their photos are in a cool gallery, link below. They photographed the day at no cost to me, or the couples, but I wanted to give everyone photographed the opportunity to value their art, so:

If you’re one of the couples or families photographed I wanted to give you the opportunity to pay what you want. So there are two links beneath – one to view the gallery and to download the images for sharing and printing. The second link is for you to choose an amount you believe your images are worth and that dollar amount will be split by Morgan and Elle. You can honestly pay $1 or $1000, it’s up to you, it would warm my heart if you valued them.

— View the marriage amnesty day photo gallery —

— Pay Morgan and Elle what you like —

How does the gallery work? Each married couple photographed have a number, and they start at one, and you scroll down and view more – it was a big day with hundreds of photos. So to find your self, keep on clicking or you can jump directly to a number at the top. To download the photos, click the download arrow icon in the top right, if you can remember what number your photos are you can download just your images.