Lee and Courtney's Maleny Wedding

Lee and Courtney's Maleny Wedding

Some blog posts about awesome weddings I’ve been lucky enough to attend just write them selves. Lee and Courtney’s wedding does

[quote]Hey Josh! Lee and I just want to send you a MMMAAAASSSSIIIVVVEEE thank you for being such a special part of our magical day! You were nothing short of amazing! Both of us were nervous about the ceremony. Now, looking back, it was one of the biggest highlights of the day and we will never forget it. Your ability to make such a delicate moment fun and enjoyable yet maintain the appropriate level of “special” is nothing short of incredible. It’s reflective of how super cool of a human being you are! So thank you![/quote]

And then to add some perspective in there, here’s what Sunlit Studios had to say (they were Lee and Courtney’s wedding photographers)

[quote]We love how they interacted during the ceremony – they weren’t afraid to cuddle, hug or even kiss! We love it when a couple does what they want or acts exactly how they feel. Everyone felt the affection and adoration they have for each other and it shows in the photographs![/quote]

Two lovers got married! Love these pics! The venue was Tranquil Park at Maleny.

Sunlit Studios Maleny Wedding-3

Sunlit Studios Maleny Wedding-4

Sunlit Studios Maleny Wedding-6 (1)

Maleny Wedding Photography-1

See more pics on the Sunlit blog!