Lean on me, I've been here longer than you

Lean on me, I've been here longer than you

As the guy standing up the front of your marriage ceremony, I often see your wedding from a completely different point of view than your guests do – and often differently from how you do.

I’ve been at weddings where the cake was destroyed by a toddler and replaced without anyone noticing. I’ve been to destination weddings where flights were cancelled so replacement photographers were literally called on at 10pm to start at 5pm and they had a four hour drive ahead of them from a different country in Europe! I can now comfortably say I’ve also experienced a pandemic which completely tore apart the fabric of our society and made getting married hard.

I’ve heard the battle stories and the seen the scars. In the last 11 years as a marriage celebrant and almost 20 years in events, I have some stories to tell. If you want to hear them, bring a bottle of Japanese whisky round to my place one time and we’ll get messy.

But the real advantage for you here is that I have literally seen it all. And I’ve seen how the photographers, videographers, planners, DJs, and everyone else involved in creating your wedding, has reacted and responded.

That’s how I can confidently recommend my friends to you.

I’ll tell you to hire my friends James, Luke, Tessa, Morgan, Joey & Jase, or Harley & Ainsley,  because I know for a fact that they will creatively bend over backwards for their couples – because I’ve seen it time and time again.

I can tell you to get Kiera, or Ngaire, or Mandi, or Rachel, to plan your wedding because I’ve witnessed them do it under so many weird and wonderful scenarios.

I’ll back my mate Briggsy for bringing energy and fun to your wedding photography because I watch the boy party with you and you guys love it!

If I turn up at a wedding and see Aaron or Bieber behind the DJ booth, I know it’s going to be an awesome night.

And if I’m driving down the driveway to Isaac’s venue, or Sharon’s house, I know they look after their properties and it’s going to be a beautiful event.

I could go on forever about so many different creatives I’ve worked with, like Grace & Andrew or Geoff with their awesome films, and Michael bringing the tunes, but in the end it comes down to a conversation about who you are and what you like.

So let’s chat.