Knowing the rules

Knowing the rules

Britt’s driving the car right now, I’m in the passenger seat, and we just tried to merge back onto the highway after a quick toilet stop. Normally a road trip wouldn’t make its way onto the blog, but this merge resulted in a small dosage of road rage and now I’m thinking about weddings.

As we pulled out of the highway service centre and accelerated up to 100km/hr so we could merge onto the highway a lovely Hyundai driver realised she didn’t want to sit behind our Mitsubishi, so she angrily accelerated into our path, gave us the finger whilst yelling something, and sped onward.

As we deliberated about what could have been going through her mind I just think she just doesn’t know the rules of merging. Most Queenslanders don’t, we’re pretty terrible drivers like that 😁

This is a problem I run into at weddings every week. The couple have decided that their marriage celebration is going to be loose, fun, non-traditional, and then a parent, friend, or venue staff member gets involved and they don’t know that the couple have changed the rules.

There is definitely a “way” that the world thinks a wedding should happen. Even on the weekend Britt and I watched the rom-com ‘Made of Honour’ where the male lead appointed the bride’s maid of honour is assumed gay throughout the flick.

Last weekend I saw an almost-brawl as family squabbled over the eight chairs available for the ceremony.

The good news for you is that the “way” doesn’t apply to you. The bad news is that you might need to communicate the new rules.

Here’s some common mixups I see:

  • No-one sits out of politeness, all the seats remain awkwardly empty
  • Family doesn’t know where to sit
  • People wonder whose side of the ceremony is whose and who sits or stands where
  • What to do at the end of the ceremony
  • Thoughts around social media and cameras (I love a no-camera ceremony!)
  • People think it’s rude to clap or cheer at a ceremony
  • Where to go afterward?
  • Is it ok for grandma to record the whole ceremony on her iPad from the aisle?
  • What does mum or dad do after they’ve walked someone down the aisle?
  • Gifts? What to do?
  • Can I bring my brand new girlfriend I met last night in Surfers Paradise?
  • Does a 2pm start mean you’re actually starting at 3pm?
  • Mum wants three thousand family photos … but you don’t!
  • Bridal party wants a rehearsal when you want a real-life celebration, not a rehearsed show or over-produced production.
  • Everyone wants to do weird traditional wedding things when you don’t!

The message here is just to think about how you think your guests will fit into your celebration and ahead of the moment, communicating some important tips like being on time and sitting in the seats you’ve paid $15 a bum for 🙂

This blog’s feature photo is from Cliffo & Michelle’s elopement by the sweet Brisbane wedding photographer, Milly Jane!