7 things Britt learnt from Kim Kardashian's first wedding

7 things Britt learnt from Kim Kardashian's first wedding

My wife is obsessed with the Kardashians, particularly their weddings, so I’ve asked her to write a guest blog on seven things she’s learnt from Kim Kardashian, and her sisters’, weddings.

Editor’s note: this blog post was written after Kimmy K’s first wedding, after the infamous 72 days, and before Kanye came into the picture. So keep in mind that it’s time for an update.

1. Make some priorities

There were a few things that I didn’t care too much about, invitations, wedding shoes and transport to the ceremony.

However, there were a few non-negotiable items.

Mine were perfect makeup (Kim had perfect makeup!!!), perfect dress and amazing photography.

Before setting out your wedding budget, make a list of your non-negotiables so you know where to scrimp and where to save.

Wedding Makeup

Khloe Kardashian reception dress, with Lamar2. Wear a reception dress

I loved my wedding dress, but after spending the whole day in it I was ready to change into something short and fun to enjoy our reception.

I bought the most beautiful white, one shouldered dress when I was in Bali (for a cool $240, a fraction of my wedding gown) to wear during our reception.

Both Khloe Kardashian and I found ourselves comfortable as we danced the night away.

3. A pop of colour doesn’t hurt

I loved what Khloe Kardashian did with the purple sash around her waist.

I borrowed (copied) her idea with a subtle blush Vera Wang sash and found it was the highlight of my dress, makes for pretty pictures too!’

4. Write your own vows

Khloe and Lamar wrote their own vows:

I Khloe, give you this ring, as a promise and symbol of my heart and faithfulness, my love and commitment to you. When I am angry i will seek to be kind, when we speak i will be truthful and each day of my life, I will be faithful to you.

Josh and I also wrote our own vows and it was the best thing.

I didn’t want to promise to obey him like a puppy but I wanted to promise ‘to match every chick flick with a guy movie, every superfood with a bad carb and every tear with laughter’.

Your vows should be in your language and based on you as a couple.

Wedding vows

5. When choosing bridesmaid dresses, think about your bridesmaids

Kim Kardashian wedding bridesmaids' dressesBridesmaids are hard work.

With different body types, personalties and budget it’s easy for them to become an added source of stress.

Picking out my bridesmaid dresses was a long process, I wanted these elaborate $470 numbers that were, now that I think of it, ridiculous.

I eventually stumbled across beautiful dresses from a chain store for around $150.

They weren’t ‘bridesmaid dresses’ and all of my girls have worn them again.

Just please please please don’t put them in white!

Brittany Withers wedding dress and bridesmaids
6. This isn’t just your day

Yes, everything get’s your final approval, but you’re not the only one who has thought about, planned around, saved money or invested in the day.

Fiancés, Mums and Dads have all got their ‘things’ that they have dreamt of as well.

For example, my dad really wanted our pastor to ask ‘who gives this woman to be married’ … go figure.

Khloe Kardashian made me tear up when she asked Bruce, her step-dad, to walk her down the isle.

Remembering that everyone is invested in the day helps you keep an open mind when they are being annoying.

Kim Kardashian divorce papers7. Don’t spend more on the wedding than on the marriage

There are 72 full days of evidence to this point.

Remember what the day is truly about and that you have an entire lifetime after the I Do’s.

Things will go wrong and expectations wont always be met, both in your marriage and on your wedding day, but it’s important to chill out and act with dignity and a sense of fun.

Josh Withers Brisbane Marriage Celebrant