Josh and Britt take the USA!

Josh and Britt take the USA!

Don’t worry, you’re not being invited to a slide night where we spend all evening describing every photo we took of our holiday to the USA. It’d be fun to hang out – but we won’t torture you with a commentary.

Instead, here’s a bunch of photos we snapped. We did a bunch of Instagramming on the hashtag #witherstakeusa [view on the web here or here].

We went to the Letterman show and saw Taylor Swift perform, walked 120+km around NYC and Central Park, laughed at a terrible comedy club and did our best to see as many pop-culture landmarks as we could. Washington DC’s monuments and memorials made gave us all the feels and the museums inflicted mass knowledge and wisdom upon us. Puerto Rico was stunning and warm and over all, very pretty.

The pics are all below un-captioned and in random order – we’ll let you tell your own story with our photos.

One of our photos is even a finalist in a photo competition!

Thank you for having us, USA!