I've been awarded a WIPA three diamond award!

I've been awarded a WIPA three diamond award!

image003I’m a very lucky boy, I’m the first marriage celebrant in Australia to be awarded a WIPA Three Diamond award! What’s WIPA? It’s the “Wedding Industry Professionals of Australia” awards ran by the very excellent WEOA! What’s WEOA? WEOA stands for “Weddings and Events of Australia” and it’s an industry body that represents the professional end of the wedding industry.
There are three diamond award levels, one diamond, two diamond, and three diamond. It’s a little bit like the chef hat awards. Three is the best!
My favourite thing about the WIPA awards is that there is room for everyone at the top. If you’ve got a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, there’s no room for two number ones, logo3 high-resbut I firmly believe that the whole wedding industry should be at the three diamond level, plus there is room for all of us up there!

I could ramble on for a few hours about what this all means to me but I’ll just copy and paste two things for you

What are the three award levels?

One Diamond

One Diamond is granted to a business who may or may not be new in the industry and are currently working hard to position themselves amongst the elite within their category. The website, marketing and branding of this business should be consistent however there is room for improvement. The business needs to have established processes and procedures relating to the handling of client enquiries and have good rapport and testimonials from their clientele.

Two Diamonds

Two Diamonds indicates a well established business that is well positioned within their category of elite suppliers. The branding and marketing of this business is solid as well as their social media presence. A business awarded two diamonds should have an established strategy for dealing with clients and enquiries as well as a list of positive testimonials.

Three Diamonds

Three diamonds will be awarded to a business who is a stand out and leader in their category of the industry. The business will have a solid and flawless strategy for branding, marketing and business planning as well as a strong social media presence. This rating shall only be awarded to the most exceptional businesses who have little room for improvement and only room for expansion.

Judges comments

Finally, a few quotes from the judges. Obviously I met the criteria for the award mentioned above but receiving some of the kind words from the judges put an extra dollop of warm/fuzzy in my belly 🙂

[quote]Fresh, fun, inviting and displaying great happiness![/quote]

[quote]Love loved loved your website, so refreshing, so much fun. The strongest website for a celebrant![/quote]

[quote]Josh Withers is cool! I love his sense of individuality in a market saturated with a lot of same-same!! It is commendable that he understands what business sustainability is. His energy is contagious and he is a winner in my eyes.[/quote]

Thank you

At the risk of doing the cliche thank you, I’d be nothing without three lots of people: my wife who supports my every step, my friends who continually lift me up, and my couples who invite me into their wedding. I couldn’t be a three diamond celebrant without there diamond couples!

It’s an honour to join some of my industry friends as a three diamond wedding supplier, say hi to the others: Brisbane’s Dalton Hospitality, the Sunshine Coast’s Ginger Lily and Rose, Brisbane and Sydney’s Milque Photography, X-Factor’s Sex and Chocolate, the ever encouraging Karl from Xennox Diamonds (tell him I sent you and I’m sure you’ll get a good deal), Sydney caterers Gastronomy, the wedding fashion award sponsors and Sydney’s Makeup and Hair Boudoir, the magazine I give ten points to for not having bride in it’s name, Modern Wedding Magazine, wedding planners NightingalesSociety Photography, and Untitled Film Works!

The feature image for this post is by my friend James Dean!