Win an iPhone wedding film by Samantha Fletcher

Win an iPhone wedding film by Samantha Fletcher

I’m lucky enough to work with some talented people. Like really talented. Let me tell you how talented Samantha is: she’s worked a lifetime in the big bad world of TV in America and Australia, as has her hubby, and now they’ve settled down and make films for Brisbane people and companies. For a while there they were making wedding films using all the big professional gear, but like a true creative, she’s trying something new and challenging: making awesome wedding films on iPhones.

Sam’s new website tells the whole story about what she’s doing, but I mainly wanted to let you know two things:

  1. She’s making really cool wedding films on iPhones – check
  2. She’s also got these super cool Super 8 DIY wedding video things – check
  3. You can win an iPhone wedding film – check

Enter the competition here:

And check out this video from Teija and Gerrit’s wedding that Sam made!