I'm writing a wedding book!

I'm writing a wedding book!

2015 is going to be a great year. I can say that confidently because my calendar is mostly full before the year has even started, which is a crazy and awesome blessing for a small business owner. Britt’s running pop-up weddings around Australia and even internationally and she’s also launching a new business in the new year, so I can’t wait for everyone to copy that too! (Cheeky grin!)

But what I wanted to write about today, was a book. A book that I’ve had burning inside of me for over a year now, my book about weddings. I’ve made it no secret that I want to leave the world in a different, and hopefully better place than I found it. And although it might not be much I hope a book might be a small way of doing that.

I met with a mentor yesterday and we laid out the book structure, chapters, what I’m actually going to be writing about, and the heart of it all and I’m crazy excited!

The hard part is that I’m about two months away from having the time to start writing, but I’m on track and hopefully by this time next year you might have been given a copy for Christmas.

Now that we have a plan, there’s only one way forward.