How to get marriage equality in Australia in 3 easy steps

How to get marriage equality in Australia in 3 easy steps

News reports today that some time in August, I’ve seen reports of 11th and 18th, a marriage equality bill will hit parliament and every single individual political gets the chance to vote on their own, it’s called a conscience vote. They won’t have to look to mum and dad, or Tony Abbott, to find out how they’re allowed to vote.

This is what democracy looks like, how cray cray, amirite?!

So in light of this good news, and in light of the fervent clicktivism, I wanted to leave a small dose of education on how to get the proposed marriage equality act passed through the federal parliament.

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but sharing stuff on Facebook doesn’t make it so in parliament. So stay tuned, it’s super easy:

Before you begin, there’s a tiny bit of homework required: find out who your local member of parliament is here:

Step one

Tell your local member (the one that represents you in federal parliament) that you support marriage equality.

Email them, write them, phone them, tweet them, Facebook them, courier pigeon them, or pass them a note in class.

Wondering what to say? Here’s what I send them:

Step two

Tell other people to tell their local member the same thing. Sharing this blog post to them might be a good start.

Step three

Rinse, repeat.