How to be a good wedding guest

How to be a good wedding guest


Almost all of my blog posts are written for brides and grooms, on how to make their wedding day awesome.

But here’s one for everyone else. Here’s my tips on how to be a good wedding guest.

1. Your smartphone

I get it, your new phone does panoramic 3D HD fish-eye awesome-lens flare photos.

But, the bride and groom have just paid a professional a large sum of money (which they’re worth, by the way) and they’ll be taking the photos today.

After the ceremony you can get all the selfies, and at the reception there’ll be more.

But for 20 minutes, try and resist your inner-demons and put the smartphone, and camera, away.

2. Your dumbphone

Turn it off or put it on silent.

There’s nothing more important right now.

Take a few moments out if your busy life and embrace the mystery of love in front of you.

3. Your ears

Listen to the celebrant and the couple.

If you’re lucky the couple have chosen a celebrant who isn’t boring and monotone.

They might even be asking you to be involved in the ceremony.

4. Your response

On top of listening, if you hear something awesome happen. At the least “you are now husband and wife” a response is warranted.

Some ideas include woohoo, yeah, cheering, clapping, come on, get it on, oh yeah, and other appropriate cheers.

5. Your time

Be there early. Not too early. But don’t be late. Expect traffic. Expect the carpark to be full.

6. Your position

If there are seats, sit in them. The bride and groom hired them for you to sit in.

If there’s only a few seats, let the elderly and family sit, then you sit as well.

What’s with everyone awkwardly standing around empty seats that cost money to hire?

Also, if you must stand, stand close to everyone. The atmosphere is better and the photos are cooler when the crowd isn’t sparsely standing around the field like a baseball team waiting to catch.

It doesn’t hurt to get out of the way of the photographer and videographer as well.

7. Your attitude

Have a great attitude. The bride and groom have just spent thousands on a party and you’re lucky enough to be invited.

Don’t get sassy, do help, bring an awesome gift, and don’t complain about ANYTHING.

8. Your plus one

Unless explicitly stated on the invitations the bride and groom spent $10 on to send to you that you lost, don’t being extras.

They’ve budgeted, ordered, allocated and planned for the RSVP’d number of people.

It’s not ok to bring your new girlfriend without humbly asking the bride and groom.

Also, make sure you RSVP early. No-one sends their RSVPs today so you could be awesome and send yours.

9. Your speech

If you are a best man, maid of honour, father and/or mother of the bride and groom, there’s a very high chance you’ll be called upon to make a speech.

There are resources available for you to learn to speak well publicly before the wedding.

Write, plan, practise, seek help.

Don’t disappoint the bride and groom on the night by not having a short, happy, and honouring speech prepared.

The guide is this: your speech should uplift them and honour them. Make them feel like a prince and princess for a night.

10. Your clothes

The invitation probably made note of he attire, stick to that.

Look hot, but don’t upstage the bride and groom.

A haircut might be nice too.

Did I miss anything? Put it in the comments.