Host a perfect casino themed wedding

Host a perfect casino themed wedding

I’ve had a lot of couples coming to me telling me they want something “different” or “unique” for their special day. Often, if it’s done wrong, this can translate as a cheesy or tacky wedding. Here in Australia we still haven’t quite got over Katie Price’s Cinderella-themed wedding to Peter Andre, but the less said about that, the better.

While we can all dream of fairy tales, one wedding theme that is often overlooked is the casino theme. It’s a shame that so many couples forget about it, largely due to the fact it’s more often implemented at staff Christmas parties rather than weddings, but when done right, it can be amazing. Here are a few of my tips to make sure your casino themed wedding is unforgettable.

Make your theme classy, not trashy

Casinos can often have negative connotations as dark and dingy places, so you have to make it your mission to make your wedding more Daniel Craig Casino Royale than Robert De Niro Casino. Start with the finer details – avoid over-doing the red and black theme, but instead try to keep it glamorous by ensuring your staff are dressed in black tie and your guests follow suit. Everybody loves an excuse to dress up, so if your guests arrive in classic sophisticated casino attire, it’ll make for beautiful photos.

Keep your guests entertained from start to finish

As much as this is your big day, you want your guests to be talking about it for years to come, so it’s up to you to make sure they don’t get bored. Start with the obvious: hire a few casino tables, make sure you have trained dealers and consider a few themed slot machines. If you don’t want to make things awkward by having your guests play with real money, distribute ‘Monopoly money’ and fake chips. Try thinking a little outside the box too by embracing modern technology – you could consider placing tablets around the venue for guests to get their fix at sites like Ruby Fortune, while others are busy throwing the dice on craps tables.

Make sure people don’t lose focus

The casino theme can make for a great atmosphere but we’ve all got one uncle or grandmother that might take it a little too far. Remind guests that this is your big day, so if they’re gambling too much or getting a little too competitive, bring them back down to Earth and tell them that this is a day to celebrate the love of two people. If this means cutting back on alcohol access, then so be it – it will make for an overall more enjoyable, and indeed memorable, experience.