Sparkles, fun and laughs: Katie and Dan's wedding!

Sparkles, fun and laughs: Katie and Dan's wedding!

A celebration rich in family, community and of course: love. That’s how I would simply describe Kate and Dan’s twilight celebration of their relationship, and of course now: marriage!

Kate and Dan met at university, aged 17 and 18 and they’ve been best friends since. Such a good foundation for life … and marriage!

The similarly named, but camera carrying Kate from Quince and Mulberry took the sweet shots below, and here’s a few words from Kate and Dan on their awesome wedding ceremony!

[quote]Josh was so great. As soon as we sat down for coffee with him, we knew that he was perfect for our ceremony. It’s so important to choose a celebrant that shares your view of marriage and who will make the ceremony amazing. Josh was so supportive of the little touches that we wanted and he has such a modern and profound understanding of what marriage is today. Our ceremony was touching, funny and suited us perfectly. I can’t recommend him enough, and I have already given away all the business cards I have of his to friends![/quote]

Katie and Dan also talked to Polka Dot Bride, saying:

[quote]I walked down the aisle to How Long Will I Love You by Ellie Goulding – and I still can’t listen to it without getting butterflies in my tummy! We’d had a rehearsal of the ceremony the day before the wedding, and that was the first time that we had heard each other’s vows (and our own) out loud. We both really struggled to get through them because tears were streaming down both of our faces. That moment is as special to me as our actual ceremony because it reminds me how lucky we are to love and be loved so strongly.[/quote]

[quote]One of my bridesmaids read the children’s book ‘A Lovely Love Story’ by Edward Monkton during our ceremony. It’s a story about two dinosaurs that fall in love. It was incredibly sweet and even the people who had been sceptical of our choice of reading loved it and thought it was funny and touching.[/quote]