Have some fun at your wedding

Have some fun at your wedding

Last week Steph and Drew were #marriedbyjosh at Sandgate, and I was lucky enough to be their celebrant! The man taking photos on the day calls himself Ben Clark, well at least that’s what he told the Daily Mail when they covered this story about this photo. Well he took elements of the photo, then he no doubt spent countless hours training sharks to fly so he could photoshop them into this pic.

Love your work Ben! And ten points to Drew and Steph for having a ball on day one of marriage, here’s to many many many more! And if you want to find Ben to get him to photoshop sharks into all of your photos, go to benclarkphotography.com.au

So It's not every day that I get asked to "Sharknado" a couple's wedding ! But seeing as Steph & Drew are fully into…

Posted by Ben Clark Photography on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Come to think of it, my post-wedding selfie is strangely on-point.