It's the grooms day as well

It's the grooms day as well

If there’s a phrase I would pay to never hear again, it would have to be “it’s the bride’s day”.

A bride can’t marry herself. What actually is the sound of one bride marrying? (There’s a Pinterest joke in there somewhere)

The common myth is that the wedding is all about the bride and what she wants it’s got nothing to do with the groom.

The key problems with it being “the bride’s day” are

  • the bride isn’t the only person getting married
  • marriage is 50/50 – there’s no-one in charge of the marriage, it’s an equal union, and a wedding is a celebration of that union
  • we’re in the age of gender equality where men and women are equals
  • it sets a precedent for bridezillas and ain’t nobody got time for that

How did we get here? Probably because marriages and weddings in days gone past were pretty bloody weird. It usually involved a pretty young girl being sold, or given, or even stolen, to a groom and then they’d get married and the girl would have to deal with it.

Not quite the same as today where we all have free choice and free will.

So it’s ok for there to be girly things, and manly things, but please don’t tell me it’s the bride’s day – because the groom is getting married as well – let’s create a marriage celebration that embraces a bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom, you know)!