Great Wedding Cost Cutting Tips!

Great Wedding Cost Cutting Tips!


Cutting costs does not always mean that you need to cut out the beautiful things you want for your wedding. Cost cutting is all about making smarter choices and knowing the tricks of the trade! Here is a list of simple ways you can cut thousands of dollars from your budget!

1. Keep The Numbers Down: The best way to cut costs is to keep your guest numbers low. Avoid inviting people you hardly know and don’t feel obligated to put “and guest” on the invitation. This is your wedding day and it should be filled with people you love not your Uncle Joe’s new girlfriend who would rather be out with her friends. The cost of each guest is not just a meal it is also alcohol, bomboniere, centerpieces etc. Keeping the numbers down and not inviting people just because you feel obligated can mean the difference between an Off The Rack budget dress and the couture gown of your dreams or more money for your honeymoon!

2. Make your decorations go further: Are you being married in a church? Why not ask the minister if there is another wedding on the same day and see if they would like to share decorations or why not use the floral decorations to decorate the reception? Making your decorations go further can halve the cost!

3. Food: No one says every sit down dinner needs to be 3-4 courses. Why not skip the appetizers, have an entrée and main and serve your wedding cake for dessert? Depending on the venue this could save over $30 per person and will also mean your cake will be eaten rather than taken home and thrown away by your guests! Also perhaps think about a cocktail reception with finger food or a breakfast wedding or even having an alternate set menu? The options are endless!

4. Hand deliver invitations: postage can be expensive especially if you have boxed invitations or an invitation that is not a standard shape. Why not hand deliver them? Or give them to your parents to deliver?

5. Change The Day: Weekday weddings can save you thousands! Why not get married on a Friday and make it a long weekend for your guests? Most venues offer huge discounts for weekday weddings.

6. Three letters …. DIY: The more you can do yourself the more you will save. When it comes to weddings most of the money you pay is for labour. If you are a crafty person or have a friend who is crafty why not make your own invitations? Or why not make your own cake? There are some amazing resources online that can guide you and even with a trial run before the big day you will still save money! other ideas are getting your wedding photos on disc and creating your own album, going to a flower market and creating your own bouquets and flower arrangements etc.

7. Music: Can’t afford a DJ or Band? Why not load your iPod with your favourite songs and put it on shuffle! Guests won’t notice the difference and best of all it’s free!

8. Cut Back At The Bar: One of the biggest expenses at a wedding reception is generally alcohol. Why not supply beer and wine and provide a cash bar for spirits? Or offer guests their first 2 drinks complimentary and a cash bar to follow. Don’t feel obligated to supply all of the alcohol, most guests are happy to pay as long as they are told on the invitation.

9. Honeymoon: When booking your honeymoon why not go at the beginning or the end of the low season and beware of the dates! Don’t book during school holidays or during special events as accommodation prices can be almost double depending on the destination.

10. Ask For A Discount: The easiest way to save money and sometimes the one that people don’t use! Asking for a discount is not rude most suppliers expect it. Why not ask what packages they have available or if they offer a winter discount or a Sunday rate or even a discount if you pay a large deposit. Don’t be afraid to ask, the worst they can say is no and who knows you might save some money!

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