Getting married sitting down

Getting married sitting down

I’m slowly catching up on emails this week and finally got to a sweet email that Scott and Angel sent me after their wedding:

[quote]The only feedback my husband and I have is…to keep doing what you do! You know you have an incredible celebrant when the words that he used in your ceremony made you cry. Josh found a way to incorporate brief parts of previous conversation and elements of who we are as a couple into our ceremony and it was not only entertaining but honest and moving. We would not hesitate in referring Josh to anyone who’ll listen![/quote]

And words like that really smack me in the face and remind me that life isn’t all tax and bills, I’m actually a very lucky boy. But it lead me to thinking about Scott and Angel’s wedding.

Angel’s spine has made it so that walking and standing is a sport for her. So many of us just do it without thought, but Angel has to put some effort into it. So when it came to their marriage ceremony, standing seemed like the last thing we should be doing.

In the end it was a simple decision, let’s all sit. I don’t have to stand and lord my celebrancy over you. And you don’t have to stand, its’ only a marriage ceremony, you’re not addressing the Queen. So in your most intimate of moments, sit if sitting makes you feel awesome. I’m doing it again this week for a couple in Geelong, because standing in your wedding doesn’t make it more important or special 🙂

Photos by Infinity Faith!