How to get the best out of your wedding professionals (slaves)

How to get the best out of your wedding professionals (slaves)

Britt spends all day working with wedding vendors, photographers, venues, florists and other professionals as part of her role creating elopements in The Pop-Up Wedding. We figured that her experiences might help you in choosing people to work with in creating your marriage celebration.

So, when Britt’s working with wedding slaves professionals she has these three things in mind:

1. Pick a good one

Do you like their website and their social media presence … heck, do you like them in person? Here’s our tip, people only put their best on social media, so it’s important to make sure that you like, what they deem, their best work possible. Ask yourself, “does their past work reflect the vision I have for my wedding day?”

2. Step away from the Pinterest Board!!!

Oh my goodness, seriously, move away from the Pinterest. Yes, yes, yes, Pinterest has it’s upsides. It is great for sparking inspiration and visualising what you cant put into words, but please remember… ITS NOT REAL LIFE!

When you take your Pinterest board to your supplier, it puts a mountain of unrealistic expectations on their shoulders and sucks the fun out of their job. Make sure that your vision, your budget and your vendors match all of your expectations from the very beginning!

3. Don’t micro manage!

There is nothing more soul destroying than receiving a list of demands, and follow up email and “my bouquet must contain these seven different types of flowers” or “can you please tell me the order my videographer will shoot the day in” Whaaaa?

Yes, there are things that they need to know – colours, time and overall feel of the day – but when you micro manage the crap out of them, you squish the creativity that you fell in love with in the first place. So guide them to what you want, but let them be them. You hired them because they are really good at being: them.

Every wedding vendor, yes even the ones you don’t like, started out with a pocket full of passion to see your day made perfect! By the time you have booked them, (and if you read step one), you will already love what they have done in the past. So trust in that, trust in yourself, and trust them.

Talking about wedding professionals, the Brisbane wedding photographers that took this blog post’s feature image are worth talking to as well, say hi to Josh & Shannon at Jessie Dains.