Five unique wedding ideas

Five unique wedding ideas

I’m lucky to talk weddings all day every day, here’s five ideas that I or my couples have thought of this week:

Facebook relationship status update married

1. At the end of the ceremony, instead of saying “you may kiss your bride” your celebrant could say “you may now update your Facebook relationship status”, I don’t like the ceremony to be a stand-up routine, but a little smile goes a long way in your ceremony.

Instagram wedding

2. Create business cards (Google search for cheap business cards to find a good deal) that share your Instagram usernames and a wedding hashtag.


3. Some guests might benefit from a quick recap on the love story up until now.

Grill'd wedding

4. Hold your post-ceremony soiree, your reception, at a place that suits your personality, budget, guest list and appetite.

Vows painting

5. Was there a person who brought you together, a friend that played match-maker? Perhaps they could take you throw your vows instead of your celebrant? It’s a way they can seal the deal and play a part in your ceremony.

Have you got some ideas? Comment below.