Five things for the groom to prepare

Five things for the groom to prepare

I just had a chat to Jesse Wagstaff from the Perth Wildcats on 96fm Breakfast in Perth with Blackers, Carmen and Fitzy. Jesse is getting married later this year and the team wanted to impart some wedding wisdom to the groom so that he would be well prepared on his wedding day.

So, here’s my five things I think every groom, and Jesse, should have in mind leading up to the wedding. Please note the list is completely exclusive of all of the normal boring wedding planning tips, we’ll leave them for the boring wedding blogs.

1. Prepare a morning-of-the-wedding gift

On my wedding day I didn’t even know this was a thing! Britt surprised me by giving my best man, Ash, a watch to give to me and I had to go and find emergency macaroons for the girls!

2. Spend a moment on the day complimenting mums

Mums, grandmas, aunties, women in general, spend 300% more time preparing for a wedding than the average male guest so before you spend the rest of the day fawning over your bride, make sure the mums are appreciated.

3. Prepare awesome wedding vows

As you deliver your personalised wedding vows, make your bride feel like a million dollars! Want some help writing your vows? Enter your email here and I’ll instantly automagically email you back some tips.

4. The speech

Don’t spend all night thanking people, you’ll miss someone and it’s boring. Instead, deliver a short and sweet punch of value, appreciation and love to those present and especially your new wife.

5. Kickass honeymoon

A wedding is but one day and before you know it that amazing day has ended. So draw it out a little longer and plan a one in a lifetime honeymoon. Go and create some sweet memories in exotic places doing rad things. Do it!

The feature image for this blog post is from Chris and Kim’s wedding! I was their celebrant at Lightspace and the photography is by Urban Avenue.