Photographer's favourite: bridal party party

Photographer's favourite: bridal party party

Between wedding ceremonies and receptions the wedding photographer gets to spend an hour or two with the best dressed people of the day. I asked my snap-happy professional photographer friends about their favourite bridal parties. If you like their jazz, click their name to see their portfolios!

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Bek Grace

Nothing like celebrating your day with your closest.

Bek Grace

Kieran from Poison Apple Studios

Fan of the walking dead? These guys were. What more can I say…

Poison Apple Studios

Morgan Roberts

These guys keep telling me that their friends at work love this photo the most, and always asked how it happened. Totally candid, Jess was removing little bugs from Rachael’s dress and the others found it rather amusing. I love moments like this, the imperfection conveys the humour and tells a great story.

MRP Bridal Party in Action 2

Kylie from Just For Love Photography

Kylie & Bill got married in Newcastle, NSW, both with a huge love of the beach and all things Kombi. The whole bridal party was heaps of fun.

Bridalparty (1)

Matt from York Street Creative

I still feel a little bad about creating this image. I only learned that the groom despises hugs (from everyone but his wife of course!) after I goaded the groomsmen into giving him the biggest hug he had ever had. They of course loved it.