I'm a guest on the "Evolve your wedding business" podcast!

I'm a guest on the "Evolve your wedding business" podcast!

Heidi Thompson, host of one of my favourite business podcasts, the Evolve Your Wedding Business podcast, invited me onto her show to talk about, well talk about a lot of things, here’s her rundown that she composed:

  • How Josh has set himself apart as a celebrant.
  • Why Josh thinks we need to focus more on the marriage itself.
  • The importance of creating wedding ceremonies that reflect the couple and aren’t just copying existing ceremonies.
  • What wedding professionals can do to avoid being sexist.
  • How to let your personality shine through in your business (and why that matters).
  • Why you should stop referring to your couples as “brides”.
  • How taking a stance can help couples figure out if they want to work with you.
  • How pop culture feeds into the idea of a wedding being the day you dreamed of and why we need to highlight the fact that this isn’t just a performance & a party.
  • What to do if you want to refocus the wedding day on the marriage itself.
  • How we have built popupwed.co in addition to his officiant business.
  • How pop up weddings impact other wedding professionals.
  • The importance of knowing you aren’t for everyone and you can’t work with everyone.

If you’re in the wedding biz I hope I’ve got something that might help, or if I can’t, I recommend listening to the rest of Heidi’s podcast, there’s another 64 great episodes to digest 🙂

You can listen on the show page right here: evolveyourweddingbusiness.com/65

Or listen on my favourite podcast app, Overcast, here: overcast.fm/+BfCRWlrME

Or listen on your iPhone using the built-in app by clicking here: itunes.apple.com

And the feature image for this blog post was snapped by James Day on his trusty iPhone.