How driverless cars will positively impact marriage

How driverless cars will positively impact marriage

I’m the hopeless romantic/cheerleader for marriage. I see so much good come from it, I am lucky enough to enjoy one myself, I think better marriages make for a better society. I reckon life is really good when you hook up with an awesome person.

So as I was reading Thomas Frey’s article on the 128 things that will disappear in the driverless car era, I started getting excited for the future! The human race is going to be happier, we’ll have more time and more heart to share. We’ll have more quality time to spend and more smiles on faces.

Click through to Thomas’ article to get the full list, but I pulled out a few things that when removed from our world, I forecast happiness. Imagine your marriage with the following list of daily pains removed from it.

Imagine life with no more:

  • Road rage
  • Traffic
  • Traffic jams
  • Running late
  • Stressing because you’re running late
  • Car crashes
  • Car theft
  • Getting lost
  • Lost cars in carparks
  • There won’t be any more carpark issues at all
  • No parking tickets, or fines, or meters
  • There won’t be handicap parking or parent parking
  • Traffic police
  • Being pulled over by the Police
  • No more speed cameras or red light cameras
  • Drivers licenses
  • Drink driving
  • Losing your license
  • Changing lanes or being in the right lane or the like
  • Speeding tickets
  • Driver profiling – In our autonomous future, every car will be driven exactly the same way, so ageist, sexist, racist and regional driver prejudices will cease to exist.

The remaining good news is this: in an amazing marriage you lift each other up, you cheer each other on, and you make each other better. Sometimes, that’s hard work. I think that although we’ll be quick to fill our time with other things as it is freed up by driverless cars, the smart people will make more time for their partner, and as a result, will lead a better life.

What does all of this have to do with a marriage celebrant? It’s easier to celebrate when things are actually good, instead of trying to make it look like they are.

Now we just need to figure out how swagboards/hoverboards will affect marriage … I might get Dave Matthews to write that post.