"They told me this was impossible"

"They told me this was impossible"

Every corner I turn in life there seems to be a plethora of people telling other people why things can’t be done. I’m really proud to have so many friends that question that ridiculous idea every morning before breakfast. James Day is one of those people.

When his wife’s sister was going to marry one of Australia’s premier wedding photographers, and they asked James’s studio Daylight Photography to shoot the day, he knew he had to up his game.

This video tells the story. This blog post shares the story and credits all of the amazing people behind it.

You’re a freaking mad man, James. Keep on being one of the crazy ones you inspirational dude.

And as for all of my other colleagues in the wedding industry: let it be known that there are so many more new ideas to be thought. Only just yesterday I had a Skype call with two inspirational girls in Melbourne that have a new one. Here’s to the crazy ones.

You’ve got to watch the video to the very end.

Spoiler: it’s really crazy to receive the thing they receive at the end of their wedding. Usually it’s months after.

The feature image for this post is from the wedding this is about .. which you might have guessed is by Daylight Wedding Photography and the video is by Big Day Of!