Watch Chris and Renae get married in beautiful immersive 360 degrees

Watch Chris and Renae get married in beautiful immersive 360 degrees

Chris and Renee eloped in the Wendy Whiteley Secret Garden on Sydney Harbour last week in front of a small group of witnesses and The Elopement Collective with Heart and Colour making pictures!

I don’t often release full versions of my ceremonies in video or audio because a) the rest of the celebrant community will pull it apart looking for something to report to the Attorney-General’s office, bless you guys, and b) because every single wedding ceremony is unique and different and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that if you book me as your celebrant that you’ll get this exact ceremony, and c) every ceremony differs in length, style, words, and ritual.

There are so many elements to an amazing ceremony, the location, the couple, the planning, how well we know each other, the guests, whether it’s an unplugged ceremony, the weather, how thirsty we all are, if we’re in the sun or not, so many factors.

So here’s Chris and Renae’s ceremony, just one of the two billion ways you can be married today.

Shout out to Wood & Beau for the bowtie and Black Jacket Suiting for my rags 🙂

To watch you need to view this in the Google Chrome web browser, or open the YouTube link in your native YouTube app on your smartphone or view the Facebook link inside your Facebook app.

Sorry for the weird ways to watch, the technology is still really new! Make sure you move the phone around to see all around, it’s like you’re in the audience. You can also click and drag with your mouse or finger to look around!

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