Can wedding dresses stop being a thing?

Can wedding dresses stop being a thing?

I’m sorry. The headline was designed to  make you feel something. Designed to get you into the article, I really wanted you to read it! In the media world this kind of thing is called clickbait, but this article isn’t. There’s not even a top 10 list! The headline is an actual thought I had last week as I was scrolling through Instagram. I thought, why is everyone wearing the same kind of dress when they get married. It’s like some sort of uniform.

I’m also acutely aware of my position in this argument. Firstly, I’m not a dress-wearer. I’m also a caucasian Australian male, which places me dead in the middle of the group of people identified by the label of “people with too many options being shared” but I’m hoping I could provide some food for thought in this noisy court of opinion nonetheless.

So, back to the wedding dresses. I’ve got a problem with them. And it’s got nothing to do with being white, or laced, or puffy, or strapless. It’s with the fact that there’s a category, a genre, of dresses. It just weirdly feels like there is a uniform for getting married. If there is, let’s stop that thing.

Just yesterday on the Port Douglas foreshore, a couple walked past me, and because of the clothes they were wearing I knew they had been married earlier that afternoon so I congratulated them and they said thank you. I knew they had been married because of the clothes they wore.

I’m going to wrap this post up quickly, because of those reasons I laid out in the second paragraph, so here’s the food for thought: instead of wearing a wedding dress when you get married, instead of donning the wedding uniform, why not wear a dress that makes you look and feel like a million dollars. A dress that makes your heart flutter, and your partner weak at the knees. A dress that you could see in a photograph in 80 years and remember how hot you were.

It’s possible that the dress in that photo is what we call a wedding dress. It’s also completely possible that it’s any other dress on any other rack in any other boutique.

Sidenote: this applies to my friends in suits as well. Get in a get-up that makes you feel awesome. If that means you’re suiting up, then so be it, but if it means you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt and white pants then wear them proud my friend!

May your wedding be stylish, and you. May it be more you than any other event you ever host 🙂

The feature image for this blog post is by my friend Michael Briggs at Erskine Falls on the Great Ocean Road with The Elopement Collective. Sally and Aaron stopped in at Lorne on their road trip from Wollongong around the country to elope with us and they just wore clothes they looked hot in!