How Caitlin will change the world

How Caitlin will change the world

I’m marrying Caitlin’s mum, to someone else of course, and when we met recently to chat about their wedding and create their ceremony, her mum hands me this yellow envelope with a note and $5.80 in silver and gold coins in it.

The note reads:

[quote]Dear Joash, I am pritty consearned about child marriage so please accept my donation. From Caitlin[/quote]

As Caitlin’s mum was filling out my booking form it asked her if she wanted to make a small donation to Plan Australia to support the work they do in eradicating child marriage. It’s all about giving girl’s the choice to be married, at an age that they can make a good decision about it. It’s about consent and willingness.

Caitlin was, as you can see, fairly concerned that this would be happening so she gathered together all of her savings and donated it. I can’t help but think that her $5.80 is worth more than any single dollar amount I could ever donate to anything. It’s not about the dollar amount, it’s about the worth and this cause is worth 100% of Caitlin’s savings to her.

Also, FYI, If you make a donation when you book me, I double it, because Britt and I are just as concerned about kids being forced into marriage as Caitlin is.

Reading this and your concern levels are rising? Read this, that, and this, or this. And then throw your $5.80 worth at Plan Australia or whoever you believe can change the situation best.

You can donate via Plan Australia’s website or directly into their bank account using this reference number to donate straight to their child marriage efforts:

Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063002
Account number: 00910351
Account name: Plan International Australia Overseas Fund
Ref: 8-10642790

Caitlin’s changing the world by being hearing about injustice, being concerned, and then this is the important part: doing what she can with what she has to see the injustice stop. Caitlin’s my hero!