Britt and Josh take Tasmania!

Britt and Josh take Tasmania!

Britt and I just hit the Apple Isle for a few days to get away, go adventuring, check out some venues for the pop-up wedding and also for a Lovelocked wedding festival down there. Such a good getaway, despite the flu hitting both of us!

I thought I’d share some pics from the past week, and if you want to see them in context, or simply just follow us on Instagram because that’s where we were social all week, I’m instagram-512 @joshuawithers and Britt is instagram-512 @hellobrittanyjane, come along for the Insta-ride!

We stayed at two really awesome Airbnb properties which we absolutely have to recommend: Jill’s 130 year old cottage in Stanley near the Nut, and then the perfect Bluff Views bed and breakfast in the Golden Valley with Chris and Garry.

We travelled over 1600km in the Captiva and caught about three square metres of snow despite the ice signs on every single road we drove on.

Can’t wait to be back in Tassie soon, we’re really hoping to take Lovelocked there!