Bitcoin wedding celebrant

Bitcoin wedding celebrant

I’m a massive believer in making business as easy as possible. Especially wedding business. After all, you’ve already fallen in love, that’s the hardest thing to do in your whole life, then you’ve decided to commit to that for life, far be it from me to inhibit the way you hire me to be your awesome celebrant.

So on that note, and it’s far too long coming, I’m now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for my services as a celebrant!

I did a little bit of research and could only find a Melbourne based wedding photographer, and an online jeweler accepting Bitcoin as payment, so if you hear of more, please contact me or comment on this article and I’ll add them to the list!

Australian wedding suppliers accepting Bitcoin

Me! Josh Withers, Celebrant:

Do Amore, an ethical ring online store:

Simon Woodcock, a Melbourne wedding photographer: