Beta test: Plan your wedding in four hours

This year Britt, I, Luna, and Goldie, have moved to Mexico and we're embarking on a creative project that's the result of my fifteen years as a marriage celebrant: The Rebel's Guide To Getting Married. It's a book I'm writing live right here on this website.

The book's spirit is to plan a wedding with intention and with purpose so you not only get the best wedding ever but the lowest cost and no-stress, because everything at the wedding has a place and a purpose. An intimate, meaningful, fun and just bloody good wedding.

Out of the book I've seen this opportunity to actually help people set their intentions with their wedding, flesh out those intentions into a plan, and then build that plan out with wedding vendors, and I'd really like to beta test the idea with people who are starting to plan their wedding.

Join me for a free consultation on Zoom to talk about planning your entire wedding, stress-free and with intention, in four hours.At this early stage, we're beta-testing the product and we'd love to test it with and for you. On the consultation call, we'll lay out the plan and the price and your feedback is valuable.

Find a time in the calendar below and I'm already excited about talking to you!