A baker's twist on the traditional sand ceremony

A baker's twist on the traditional sand ceremony

Many people love the heart behind the sand ceremony, but find it a little dated. If nothing else the styling of the sand ceremony doesn’t suit everyone’s personality or aesthetics.

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So when Alicia showed me her idea I knew it would immediately appeal to so many others.

Alicia re-married her husband Andrew at the Lovelocked event at the Brisbane Powerhouse on January 12th, in front of 200 strangers. I’ll share some photos further down the blog post.

Introducing, a twist on the traditional sand ceremony, we’ll call it a …

Baking ceremony

Ingredients for a lasting marriage

  • Besan Flour: a healthy foundation
  • Sugar: for romance, joy & happiness
  • Guar Gum: to stop us from crumbling
  • Pinch of Salt: the salt of the earth to symbolise wisdom & friendship
  • Walnuts: for laughter and humour (How do you make a Walnut laugh? You crack it up …)
  • Baking soda: to help us rise above the tough times
  • Cinnamon: adding spice of life to the marriage
  • Egg: to bind us together through the tough times represent by the Amazonite
  • Butter: represented by the rose quartz to enhance all forms of love including self-love, paternal love, unconditional love and romantic love

Ingredients may change for you, after all, the cake you’re baking is totally unique!

To Bake

Stir together all the ingredients and bake in a warm & happy home for as long as we both shall live.

When the contents in this jar begin to spoil, it is a symbol to spend some time to refresh our marriage and refill the jar with new ingredients.

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