The average Australian wedding in 2013 cost $29,645

The average Australian wedding in 2013 cost $29,645

I love me some good number crunching, it appeals to my inner-nerd. So when Zoe Burker from sent over the results of their latest wedding survey, I peeled over the numbers like a kid in a candy store.

Check out the infographic and press release below and comment with your thoughts, in the comments section of course!

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The latest survey findings from Australia’s fastest growing wedding planning website – – have revealed that the average cost of a wedding has risen by more than a quarter in the past year.

The survey, which focused on Australian newlyweds who’d got hitched in 2013, found that the average spend on a wedding has increased from $23,124 in the previous year to $29,645 in 2013. Couples marrying in 2013 added an extra $6520 to their budget, a rise of 28%.

An average of $22,182.48 was spent on the big day itself, with $7,462.68 being spent on the honeymoon, working out as a 75/25 split. This is a contrast to the previous year, when couples spent $18,957.24 on their wedding day, and just $4,167.12 on the honeymoon.

The increase in spending coincides with the news that over half of the couples surveyed struggled to stay on budget. 60% of newlyweds in 2013 admitted to overspending, with 39% of them managing to keep their indulgences to within 10% over their original budget, and 21% overspending by more than 10%.

Site editor Zoe Burke sympathises: “Planning your dream wedding will never be cheap, so it’s not surprising to see that spends have gone up and couples have struggled to keep within their original budget. At we have a number of budget planning advice articles and tools to help brides and grooms track their spending, but there’s always going to be at least one thing worth splashing out on, whether it’s the honeymoon of a lifetime or a dream wedding dress.”