Josh Withers

Josh Withers

The original rebel, husband, father, nerd and also a marriage celebrant for the world's most adventurous couple getting married today.

The guest list

The wedding guest list is one part budget, one part obligation, and one part party. Hopefully, this encourages you to cut the obligations.

So, you’re engaged

This book started as a bunch of wedding planning blog posts which I now need to edit into something resembling a book, but I've been encouraged to work outside of my original scope so this is about pre-marriage education and counselling.

Becoming betrothed

The art of getting married starts with a proposal, and this chapter tackles that act with some honesty and truth.

Draft book cover

I've been banging away at the keyboard coming up with heaps of words not worth publishing on this blog today, but instead I wanted to share a mocked-up cover for the book I've
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