How much does an Australian wedding cost?

How much does an Australian wedding cost?

Here’s a simple truth: an Australian wedding costs what an Australian wedding costs. Your budget is going to be unique to you, and ours was unique to us, but let me lay down what I think some averages are. If you’re an industry rep, email me if you think some of these budgets need adjusting. And if you want the best, be prepared to pay more than these numbers.

Wedding venue cost

Wedding venue hire is sometimes budgeted into your catering fee, but sometimes it’s additional – $1,000-5,000 would be an average range depending on the space.

Photographer cost

A great wedding photographer is going to cost between $3,000 and $10,000 depending on inclusions, but if you’re paying less than that, ask why.

Celebrant cost

My fees start from $1500 and depending on the destination and my involvement with the whole wedding day some invoices can get to $5000. As for other celebrants, you’ll have to ask them because I don’t know how they run a long term full-time sustainable business charging less.

Videographer cost

A videographer worth their weight is charging from $2,500 upwards depending on their package and film length.

DJ or wedding entertainment cost

Great entertainers are talented people. An average wedding DJ will cost you about $1,000 but a good one will be at least $2,000 if not $4,000 depending on their services, what equipment, lighting, and what MC services they might offer.

Wedding band cost

I would transpose the DJ numbers and possibly even increase them a little.

Wedding furniture hire and styling cost

This work is manual, heavy duty, and involving lots and lots of stuff. If you’re not paying at least $1,000 for styling and hire you’re probably going to be let down. If you’re taking on some responsibilities for yourself or only hiring furniture it’s possible the cost will come down.

Flowers and florists cost for your wedding

Flowers are expensive – and if you need them – you’ll pay for them. Every wedding has different needs but I know some great florists that have a starting budget of $5,000.

Catering, food and beverage costs

For food that doesn’t have everyone ducking into McDonalds on the way home expect to pay more than $100 per person.

 In the end, people cost what they charge so your budget will no doubt be more or less than this. I’m just one guy with a blog commenting on the industry he works in, and you’re wearing the big boy/girl pants now so you’re responsible for doing your own research.