A wedding that smells like Christmas

A wedding that smells like Christmas

Rob, Courtney, and I hung out this week to dream big about their wedding and Courtney said something that really resonated with Britt and I. She wants their wedding to feel like Christmas.

Don’t get confused now, she doesn’t want tinsel over the arbour and all the wedding presents under a green plastic tree. She wants the wedding to feel like Christmas.

Remember the anticipation you would have for Christmas day? The expectation of something amazing, not just in a gift, but in the family gathering, in the sharing a meal, and maybe finishing a drink. The excitement you would have all December as the 25th loomed closer. The idea that there was a foundation of tradition, but we really live in this moment and celebrate the family and friends coming together.

I don’t ever remember a Christmas going “right”, but they were always enjoyable. I loved travelling to family’s homes for Christmas day and just loving and being loved.

I think that your wedding shouldn’t stress you, or stretch you, or break you, or make you. It’s not a triathlon or a test. It’s a celebration. A celebration that you are in complete control of, from how it smells to how it feels and how it sounds. I love it when I’m shopping with Britt and she’ll find a product like a candle that “smells like Christmas” and we instantly buy it because we love making our home “smell like Christmas”.

So have a think about how you want your wedding to feel, and you you want to feel on the day.

The feature image for this blog is by our awesome Geelong friends, Hails and Shine! And this Instagram post pretty much how I wanted to feel at my wedding 🙂