A total eclipse of a girl's heart [Proposal]

A total eclipse of a girl's heart [Proposal]

Total eclipseThousands of people enjoyed the recent solar eclipse in Cairns and all around North Queensland, but one man had greater aspirations for the day.

Shookie Basuroy decided to take his girlfriend, Rajdeep, on a Cairns eclipse hot air balloon ride.

The two had met months earlier in Astronomy school.

Shookie had planned the event for months, writing out a script and even playing the proposal speech on his iPod so he would get the words perfect.

Moments after the eclipse reached totality, Shookie took a step back from Rajdeep, looked at her for a moment and got down on one knee.

Visibly nervous and filled with emotion, Shookie compared the diamond engagement ring and love he and Rajdeep share to the full corona of the eclipse they had just seen together.

Shookie knew the Cairnes Eclipse balloon ride would be streaming live to a global audience.

He agreed to allow the proposal to be live streamed, informing both their families so they too could witness the special event.

Through tears of joy, Rajeep accepted the proposal, further making the day one that they will surely never forget.