A note on wedding frendors (friend vendors) and saving $6000

A note on wedding frendors (friend vendors) and saving $6000

I just read this article on Offbeat Bride and had to share it. There’s some really good points to think about when a friend is doing something, photography for example, that you’d normally pay $6000 for, for free.

Read the whole article here, but I liked these little pull quotes:

[quote]It is now almost four months since my wedding, and though I have lots of pictures from my friend-vendor (aka “friendor”) of the wedding party posing, some from before the wedding, and a couple from afterwards, I still have not seen a single picture from her from the ceremony. Not. A. Single. One. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except that we asked for an unplugged wedding ceremony from our guests, so NO ONE ELSE took pictures for those 20 minutes. And goddammit, I want to see my ceremony. That’s why we did the damn thing![/quote]

[quote]This is my gift for my friend’s wedding. They’re saving money by having me do this, so they’ll understand if I can’t get to it right away. They know me, they’ll be cool with it.[/quote]

[quote]They may do this for a living, or they may do it just some of the time.[/quote]

[quote]And… there’s nothing I can really do about it, other than keep sending messages every few weeks. Because I’ve never given her a dime.[/quote]

So this post isn’t anti, or pro, friends as wedding vendors. But another point to consider when you’re given the opportunity. Because as nice as it might be to save $6000 on photography, not many people are giving $6000 wedding presents 🙂

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The feature image on this post is from The Pop-Up Wedding at Summergrove last week, taken by The Left Lane Photography.