A note on affordable and reasonably priced wedding vendors

A note on affordable and reasonably priced wedding vendors

Here’s a pro wedding planning tip that no-one’s going to publish in a pretty wedding magazine or talk about in a wedding planning Facebook group.

All wedding vendors, venues, creatives, artists, charge reasonably.

They are all affordable. There’s no such thing as cheap or expensive. Those words are descriptors that just don’t exist in any creative industry where individuals are sweating it out to create meaningful and beautiful work for people getting married.

What differentiates wedding creators isn’t whether they are cheap or affordable – or not – but it’s what you expect from them, what they can create for you, and if they have the capacity to create it for you.

It’s about you knowing your expectations, and you being wise enough to communicate them, then for the wedding creator to be able to fulfil them.

It’s about the work they are amazing at creating, and is that the kind of work you appreciate. Is it to your liking, does it match your taste?

Finally it’s about the creator’s capacity. How many weddings can they create a year without burning out, or without lowering the quality of other weddings. We all have a capacity, we all need to sleep, rest, regenerate, do admin, and live. Each wedding creator’s capacity differs.

Stop searching for cheap, affordable, reasonably priced wedding vendors, and start searching for wedding vendors that can do what you expect them to do, in a fashion that suits your tastes, within their own capacity.

And if that invoiced amount is too high, then your expectations and your wallet have an imbalance. Not the wedding industry.

Feature photo by Adelaide wedding photographer, Mike Hemus, who is probably not affordable or reasonably priced, but does a damn good job.