A nostalgic Home and Away wedding with SIA!

A nostalgic Home and Away wedding with SIA!

John Howard was the Prime Minister, Tasmania decriminalised homosexuality, Stuart Diver was rescued from the rubble at Thredbo, the Broncos played in the Super League, Elton John’s Candle in the Wind and Aqua’s Barbie Girl battled it out for top spot on the end of year charts, Cody Simpson was born, and Home and Away was on the TV every night.

1997 was a good year in Australia.

It was also the year that Rebecca and Travis were married! Nostalgia bomb!

If you were an avid watcher of Home and Away through the 90s like most children growing up in Australia were, you might not have noticed that school principal, Donald Fisher, was also a celebrant and he performed two marriage ceremonies on the show, one of them involving his daughter, Rebecca, played by Belinda Emmett who passed away a few years ago.

This blog post is really going nowhere except to highlight that 18 years ago Sia performed her new single How To Breathe at Travis and Rebecca’s beach wedding and for me, as a marriage celebrant in 2015 it’s equally awesome and cringeworthy to watch this.


Thanks for the link, Pedestrian. If you’d like to watch the full ceremony without Sia, hit up Channel 7. RIP Belinda Emmett.

While we’re talking about Home and Away weddings


Now that I think about it, I think I need to be the celebrant on a Home and Away wedding. Please make this happen, universe/Channel 7!