A Foo Fighting Wedding

A Foo Fighting Wedding

On December 8th, 2011, I was turning 30, but more importantly Damian Curry wanted to marry the love of his life, Jessica. Damian had emailed me earlier in the year with this message

5 years ago, Jess and I had just attended my brothers wedding on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. Brendan (my brother) had always said that he wouldn’t get married unless it was on the banks of his beloved river. It was in the weeks after this wedding, as we were driving to Albury, listening to Tenacious D, while I was serenading Jess with “F**k her Gently” (it’s always been our song), that I said to Jess “Brendan must have made it too easy, we are worth the effort. I won’t get married unless Tenacious D is the wedding band”. She laughed and added “Well, I’ll only marry you if Dave Grohl is drumming”. Our love affair with Foo Fighters has continued throughout our time together. I’m blushing as I type this, but lets just say that their Skin and Bones Gig at Sydney Opera House resulted in the conception our son, Thomas Hunter Curry.

Over the years we have discussed different options. Neither of us have ever been keen on a traditional white wedding. We’ve discussed various options, ranging from a wedding at Big Day Out, to keeping it close to home and booking out the pub and getting the boys from Regular John to come home and play for us (their early days were spent playing at my house parties, and Jess went to school with Ryan and Brock). Notice the rock theme. But nothing ever seemed quite right, until now…

So we met at the War Memorial in Hyde Park, Sydney despite our numerous emails, tweets, phone calls and SMS to get permission to hold the ceremony at or near the Foo Fighters concert on December 8th.

It was a beautiful day despite the threat of rain earlier in the day, Damian and Jess had invited their closest friends and this was their ceremony transcript which I read off my iPhone for the first time. This is just a little example of the ceremony that could be written for your ceremony, each ceremony I write is different.