What a traumatic year

2020. What a traumatic year.

It’s a miracle that Britt and I are here standing together, holding each other, smiling, at the end of this year. Someone acutely described our situation like this: this year all of us need more than any one of us can give. That’s literally how I feel. That our clients needed more from us than we could give, our business partners and industry friends needed more than we could give, and within the four walls of our home the three – almost four – of us needed more than we could give.

I’ve just run our numbers for the year and that’s the story I can read in the spreadsheet.

Only 59% of my weddings went ahead as planned, but only 28% of our elopements went ahead as planned. More than 20% of our couples are still without a new wedding or elopement date. Our inboxes were about 20% busier this year than 2019 and normally our client relationships have become about 60% longer.

The simplified story is that we’re doing a lot more for less with less to give. That’s the entire wedding industry’s story, and I’d argue it’s the world’s story. It’s highly likely that the asshole on the street, or the rude person at the shops, is just as empty and as tired as we are. We all need a lot more grace, to be given, and received, before the world gets any better.

2021, God knows whose year it is, but I hope it’s yours, and even maybe ours.