8 tips for wet weather wedding planning

8 tips for wet weather wedding planning

Rain is an outdoor wedding’s worse enemy! But you can plan for it. Here’s a few tips to help your wet weather wedding planning!

1. The first thing to note when you’re thinking about wet weather options, or if you’re a few days out from the wedding and the forecast doesn’t look friendly, is this: the forecast has been wrong before. Don’t let the boffins at the Bureau of Meteorology dictate your wedding day. They’ve been wrong before and they’ll be wrong again!

2. Umbrellas: if you plan ahead you can buy aesthetic umbrellas. Ones that you won’t be embarrassed about seeing in your wedding photos. Plus umbrellas make for some really cute photos!

3. Change the ceremony, but not the location: can your ceremony location be changed, altered or turned about to be more friendly towards wet weather situations? There might be a gazebo or undercover location that you could relocate to if need be, that is on the same property or venue, so a mass message to guests isn’t required.

4. Pay for a backup: is there an undercover venue that’s available on your wedding day, a little cheaper perhaps, and to your liking? Check the normal weather for your time of year and if the possibility of rain is higher than 50% than it might be worth your while booking a second venue. It might be a local chapel, church, community hall, entertainment space or function room. It’s not your number one choice, but if it rains at least you’ve got a secured and paid for plan B.

5. Make a contact list of possible backups: if you don’t want to question your faith in dry weather that much then it might be worth contacting possible venues, asking if they could be listed as a possible plan B and could be contacted at late notice. The day before the wedding, maybe on the morning of the wedding, the venues could be contacted and hopefully one of them is available.

6. Communicate your wet weather plans: include on the wedding invite if they’re solid, or get them onto social media as soon as possible. It’s times like these having a wedding website are a great idea.

7. It’s not the end of the world: many brides and grooms have embraced the rain by making it work for them. This could include working it into the photos or simply saying you don’t care and celebrating your wedding in the rain with everyone else getting wet as well.

8. Wet weather hair: Humidity and hair styles are not a good mix so if you want to minimise frizz make sure a de-frizzing serum is combed through damp hair, and again once it’s dry. Make sure your hair is in good condition by using weekly masks or oil treatments as damaged hair is more prone to frizz. And consider getting an up-style, they will last longer than loose locks.

When wet weather rains on your wedding day will you be well planned … or will you blame it on the rain? Cue Milli Vanilli

What other wet weather tips can you add to the list? Post them in the comments!