4 wedding ceremony ideas I dare you to try

4 wedding ceremony ideas I dare you to try

You’re probably a really cool couple and you’ve already decided that you want a casual ceremony that’s a lot of fun, not boring like all those other weddings you’ve been to.

But I bet you’re not game enough to try these four wedding ceremony ideas.

Make sure you comment if you take me up on the dare.

Have your ceremony inside the reception

Invite everyone to your 6pm wedding, have a few drinks, maybe an entree, then your celebrant takes the microphone and beings the ceremony by inviting the bride and groom to join him from their table. The ceremony is conducted and completed just before the mains are served.

Embrace your inner nerd

So your favourite TV show or movie is _______ and in that production your favourite character wears ____ and the authoritative person from the storyline wears ____ and always says this catchline, _______. Transport those things straight into the middle of your wedding ceremony. Everyone is a little bit nerdy about Star Wars, or the Kardashians or about tennis, or something. Let that passion shine in your special day.Batman wedding

Tell your fiancé what you really think about them

How often do you get home from a hard day at work, you open the front door and you’re so happy to see the man or woman that you love. You give them a big sloppy kiss and just tell them how you need to have them and to hold them from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part?

Maybe the language you use in your relationship is a little bit more modern. I dare you to get all Mister Big and say “I fucking love you!”

Hold the smallest wedding ceremony ever

Invite as few people to your ceremony as you could imagine. I dare you to have 3 friends each plus your immediate family that you can stand for more than 15 minutes. Hold it in the most special, awesome, unique venue you can find as your closest friends and family surround you and your celebrant and celebrate the most important decision you will make in your life, to unconditionally love another person and commit yourself to that relationship.

Or you can invite every drunk uncle and random high school friend you can find.

But I dare you to make it so special and intimate that the only way it could be more comfortable was if you were pant-less watching the football, or in PJs watching Sex and the City.