16 unique wedding ceremony ideas

16 unique wedding ceremony ideas

There’s always a new and different way for you to make your wedding ceremony yours.

I would hope that every ceremony I perform would scream the bride’s and groom’s passions and characters. So, let’s find some unique ways to make the ceremony all about you and your partner.

Here’s 16 things I thought of this morning

  1. Have your closest friends and family marry you, make it a community event. That is, involve all of them in the ceremony, not just as groomsmen or bridesmaids, but ask them to perform a ceremonial aspect of the ceremony or sing a song, perhaps even a poem or a scripture reading. It’s a creative way of honouring their commitment to the commitment that the bride and groom are making.
  2. Turn the celebrant around and face the guests instead of facing away from the guests.
  3. Have a man of honour or a best girl.
  4. Have your guests sit or stand in a circle around you as you are married.
  5. Go without an official bridal party and tell everyone invited that they are your bridal party.
  6. Write your own vows, Britt and I did!
  7. Have a ring warming. (What’s a ring warming you ask? There are different versions of this, but generally the rings are placed in a small bag and are passed around to each guest prior to the ring exchange. Each guest blesses the rings or says a prayer.)
  8. Bridesmaids could carry something other than flowers, if flowers aren’t a special object in your life. Perhaps candles, or a book, or a ceremonial symbol.
  9. Choose a processional song that is very special to both of you.
  10. Honour your cultures with a prayer, poem or song from your heritage.
  11. Hire a professional to sing a song of your choosing.
  12. Exit the ceremony to spend a few moments in private together, instead of walking into the crowd of guests. It’s based off a jewish tradition, but you could make it yours.
  13. Hold the ceremony in a place that’s special to you both, perhaps underwater or in a certain restaurant.
  14. Don’t say I do. You don’t have to, in fact there are only a few things you have to say.
  15. Ask the celebrant to identify guests subtly or secretly in the message. It might be a nice way of subtly honouring them.
  16. Sit all of the guests on hay bales. Or choose other odd or special seats.

If you’d like to hire an awesome celebrant that has a bucketload of unique wedding ceremony ideas … give me a call! And if you’d like to meet the photographer that took the photo in this post, see Paul Bamford.