15,021. That’s a crazy number. According to all of the nerdy dashboards and analytics, that’s how many people my social media, website, blog, and email newsletter reaches each week. That doesn’t include radio spots, TV spots and guest blogging (have you read my F* Yeah Gay Weddings article yet?). That’s crazy, to think that even a small number of people would listen to a few words I have to say, let alone the average 300 guests I talk to on a given weekend, and of course all the brides and grooms.

When I see numbers like that I wonder, what would I say if everyone was seated in front of me, and I had their attention for two minutes. What would I say to 15,021 people that are thinking about getting married?

I’d probably say something like this.

[quote]Despite popular opinion, a wedding is a real and raw moment in time where we put life on hold for a few seconds and say “This is good. You two, together, doing life together, supporting each other, this is good.”. It’s got nothing to do with photography or dresses or cakes or limos or flowers or really awesome invitations. It’s two kids in love, and a bunch of awesome peeps in support of it. The rest of the wedding is in addition to that. If you’d like people to come, you’d probably need some invitations, and if you like eating food, then you get a caterer in, and maybe some beer, and if you’d rather someone else clean up afterwards (or if your neighbours aren’t party people) then you might need a venue. If you like to dance, you might need music, and if you like to remember really awesome moments then you might need a photographer and a videographer. And if you like a certain style of photography over another style, then you need to find a photographer that does that. And because it’s an awesome day, you want to dress in a way that makes you simply feel awesome so you should wear awesome clothes, and if a big ass cinderella dress makes you feel like a million dollars, then rock that cinderella dress. Flowers are pretty frikkin cool, let’s get flowers because we love flowers. Then what about this robot cake topper, I think that screams love, let’s put it on top of our cake and etc and etc.

This day, this wedding day, is all about valuing this rare and amazing thing called love. And that is something worth holding a party for. So invite awesome people into your party, and hire people that make parties awesome. But don’t ever let that party, or the people, stand in the way of your once in a lifetime love being celebrated.[/quote]

And then I’d probably run away because talking to a crowd of 15,021 people would probably scare the shit out of me.