11 herbs & spices for a finger lickin' good wedding

11 herbs & spices for a finger lickin' good wedding

The Colonel’s chicken has got nothing on a superb wedding! Put these 11 secret ingredients in and pan and fry until golden.

  1. Love – that thing where you look at that guy or girl and your feel elephants in your heart (because butterflies are too small)
  2. Reality – take a good hard look at who you really are, because that’s the makeup of this wedding, it’s all about you, celebrating you. And by you I mean both of you.
  3. Music – music does things that words and pretty stylings can not.
  4. Style – weddings aren’t about style, they’re about people, but every person has their own style. Let that style flow at your wedding, because it’s a celebration of you!
  5. Food – it’s not a real party until there’s cake.
  6. Drink – need it be explained?
  7. A Village – you’re not inviting everyone on Facebook, you’re inviting the people that you would call your village. The people that matter to you, and you matter to them. These are the people that wouldn’t think twice to lend you $20 or help you move house.
  8. Fireworks – an explosion of awesomeness to start the party off. I like to call this the wedding ceremony. Not a slow starting ceremony that is a lead-in to a greater party later on that night, but a fire-starter that gets you and everyone attending in the mood for a spectacular celebration. You’ll need a celebrant. I know a guy.
  9. A reason – you need an underlying purpose to the day so that you’re not tossing up between a photo-booth or a bocce set, but instead you have an idea of why everyone has taken an afternoon and evening off from life and put on fancy clothes. Once you’ve got a reason you’ve got a party. It’s just a matter of assembling your superstars then. There is no use hiring a photographer if you don’t value photos. But if you like looking at photos, get a sweet photog involved!
  10. Simplicity – over-complicating ceremonial things, for example, making the wedding ceremony entrance require a stage manager,, make for unhappy people. Unhappy people that wanted the over-complicated entrance and are disappointed that the bridesmaid couldn’t pull it off. And unhappy people burdened by lots of weird complicated stuff that doesn’t really matter.
  11. Style again – we were born naked and we’ll die naked, but for those rare awesome minutes in between we identify ourselves by our clothing, our style, our fashions and and our furniture. Don’t wear a white dress and a black suit if you hate them. But do dress up so you feel like the sexiest person on the planet and you look the part as well. Don’t adhere to traditional stylings, but be sure to show yourself off, this is an awesome day that requires awesome styling.



The images in this post were found on the Daily Mail – they were taken by Linda Troung.